Building Permit

The roof terrace architect has a lot of experience with the building of roof terraces and roof access buildings. For a roof terrace you require a ‘reguliere’ (normal) building permit. In the submitted drawings the council requires drawings of the existing situation and new situation including the construction calculations.

The roof terrace architect has a good working relationship with the city council and with engineers, and with good communication entails that your application is a success. When the roof terrace architect represents your application then the following is organized:

  • Drawings of the existing and new situation, plans, sections and elevations.
  • Construction calculations of the roof terrace.
  • All communication with the council, planners and all other third parties.

A lot of roof terraces are laid on roofs which are partly in ownership of the Owners Foundation (Vereeniging van Eigenaars VvE). It is well worth before you lay a terrace that you gain permission from the VvE. Usually you take responsibility for the maintenance for that part of the roof. To receive permission it is usually written in the rules and regulations, if not found, you can contact the chairperson.

Do not forget that the council can take up to 8 weeks to approve an application, so take this into account. For the replacement of an existing roof terrace you do not need a permit, if it stays the same. If your building is classified as a monument then in most cases an application will not be approved.

For more information or advice please contact me: or phone 0655967532.